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Welcome to Shower Curtains Place! This is a site full of information about shower curtains, of course. (I’m not sure what else it could be about with a name like that :)

But, why shower curtains?

Well, the humble shower curtain tends to be forgotten in bathroom design – you choose a beautiful new white porcelain sink, toilet, bath, you select the best floor and wall tiles you can afford, you pay big bucks to get it all installed – and then find that you are struggling to buy shower curtains which match up to what you had in mind for your dream bathroom.

But buying beautiful shower curtains is really not that hard if you know what you are looking for and where to buy – the checklists and guides on this site are designed to make the choice easier and to get you that beautiful bathroom you deserve and many sites have a search function which makes it easier to find the right product.

Of course, it would be a little easier if you chose your shower curtains BEFORE your bathroom furniture and fittings for easier color coordination and the best choice but I know you haven’t done that – no one does – so lets just get my plea in not to choose the cheapest shower curtains you can find but the best. Cheap shower curtains will do the job of stopping your bathroom getting flooded when you or your kids take a shower but they can’t and won’t make your bathroom look a million dollars and they will cheapen whatever beautiful bathroom furnishings and accessories you have selected.

Better shower curtains = better bathrooms

Better shower curtains = better bathrooms
(image by Peter Hellebrand)

And another plea while I am busy with pleading my case for beautiful bathrooms nationwide :) Please look after your shower curtain once you get it home. There’s nothing worse than a shower curtain that has gone black, mildewed and moldy for making a bathroom look downbeat.

Get into the habit of opening your curtain whether cotton, hemp or vinyl after you take a shower and fully extending it as far as it goes along the length of the shower curtain rod or track.

Let the fabric dry before you close it up again and you should not have too many problems with mildew.

If it gets a little dirty, a gentle wash in the washing machine with some mild detergent once every few weeks will do the trick – provided your shower curtain is washable – a good reason for selecting one that is.

Wash with a couple of cotton towels which will soak up the excess moisture after spinning so you avoid a soaking when you take your curtain out of the washing machine if it plastic, EVA or vinyl !

Here’s to a beautiful bathroom! Look out for the other posts on this site and have fun shopping for shower curtains!

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