Shower Curtains | Shower Curtains FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Shower Curtains FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we often get asked about shower curtains

How Should I Care for Shower Curtains?

Avoid mildew by airing off your shower curtain every time you take a shower. This involves nothing more than opening out the shower curtain fully to let it dry rather than leaving it all gathered together at one side of the bath.

If shower curtains start to look a bit dirty and they are washable, take them down and pop them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with some mild detergent. (Don’t wash them alone or you will get a soaking after you pull them out from the spin cycle – put them in with something like a couple of towels).

If your shower curtain is not washable sponge it down with soapy water and use a little gentle scrubbing to deal with the dirtiest parts.

How often should I change my shower curtains?

Change your shower curtains whenever they start to detract from the look of your bathroom and you have not managed to revive them with a bit of loving care. If a good wash and clean up has not made them look better, nothing is going to work and it’s time to buy a new one.

What is the best material for shower curtains?

It depends what you have in mind for your bathroom and what price you want to pay.

Normal shower curtains  are made from waterproof synthetic material like polyester and vinyl. They are generally cheap and cheerful and not such a big expense that you won’t be able to change them often if you get tired of the design. They tend to last a long time because the material holds up well to getting wet.

The swankiest luxury shower curtains are not made of  water proof material but normal fabric – you keep them outside the bath and have a waterproof inner curtain which keeps the water in the bath as you shower.

Fabric shower curtains need to be washed often to avoid mildew due to the high humidity in the bathroom. They may need to be changed often if the material wears out with frequent washing.

Keep the water in the bath with a shower curtain

Keep the water in the bath with a shower curtain

Do new shower curtains give off toxins?

No, new shower curtains are not toxic, no matter what material the are made of. There is quite a trend in buying natural cotton and hemp shower curtains lately – and they look great – but there’s no need to buy them for safety reasons. Not sure where this myth came from but it is a myth. The PVC and PEVA  (EVA) shower curtain have a slightly chemical smell but that soon wears off in use and that’s about as toxic as you’ll get. Of course plastic and vinyl fabrics and liners are not green – you can’t easily recycle them – but unfortunately these materials are necessary to make the curtain or liner waterproof.

How do I Avoid the Shower Curtain sticking to me?

No one really knows exactly why this happens when you run a shower. Though there are a few theories knocking around no one has the exact answer (yet). Anyway to stop this you can buy shower curtains with magnets sewn into the hem of the curtain (or add your own). The magnets stick to the sides of the bath tub and stop the curtain being drawn in towards you. Or use a double curtain – one inside the bath and one outside to reduce the air flow and avoid the curtain being sucked inwards.

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