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How to Buy Shower Curtains Online

When you decide to buy shower curtains online, you are making a very sensible decision. Although you will find shower curtains in local soft furnishings and bathroom stores, discount stores  and department stores there is usual a limited selection available on the shelves.

Once you start browsing online you will be amazed at how many designs are available for every type of d├ęcor – you’ll find novelty shower curtains, kids shower curtains, sophisticated designer shower curtains, plain shower curtains, patterned shower curtains … well, you get the idea.

Also you will find a range of materials available (natural materials such as cotton and hemp as well as waterproof vinyl and PVC or EVA  shower curtains) and they come in every color of the rainbow and many designs so that you can make the right choice for your bathroom.

If you’re not sure about which type of shower curtain to choose then see our section on How to Choose Shower Curtains before going any further and then then follow this guide.

1. Set a Budget

Browse a few sites to get an idea of the selection available and the shower curtain prices in the type of thing you were looking for and  then once you have a measure of the amount that seems reasonable to spend set a budget.

funky striped natural fabric shower curtain

funky striped natural fabric shower curtain

2. Book mark a Short List of Shower Curtains

As you browse bookmark the curtains you like (add them to your favorites)

3. See how they measure up against each other by running them by this check list

  • How does the design and fabric fit in with your idea of a dream bathroom (for your, for your guests, for your kids? Or whoever the bathroom is for)?
  • Are the prices reasonable and within budget? Remember to include sales tax (if any) and delivery charges
  • Are the curtains the right size? Do you need more than one for a circular shower rail? How does this affect your budget?
  • Are the hooks included? If not can the company offer these and how much do they cost?
  • Are the shower curtains easy to clean (washable in the washing machine – some cheaper makes are not) ?
  • Are the items in stock and can the company deliver as quickly as you need?
  • What about returns if you don’t like the product?
  • Is ordering secure – do they have the little padlock shown when you get to the payment page? Most companies are secure these days but you want to be happy!
  • Is the shower curtain a known quality brand? This doesn’t always matter but if you know of the brand then this is great.
  • Does the company have a good reputation for customer service if you have heard of them before?

4. Make Your Decision from the Options You have Bookmarked

Decide on your favorite and order your choice of shower curtains. Then sit back and wait for your goods to arrive!

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