Shower Curtains

How to Buy Shower Curtains for Less : 5 Ways to Save

You can buy shower curtains for all levels of budget from beautiful designer fabric shower curtains to very cheap shower curtains imported from the Far East. As your choice will make a big impression in your bathroom (as the design you choose will be one of the first things you see when you enter), do not buy anything that looks cheap. You really want a great design at low cost rather than the cheapest clear or solid white boring curtain.

As patterned shower curtains are not much more expensive to produce than plain ones, you should not have to put up with plain shower curtains to save money. The main thing is to choose a design and color which goes with your bathroom and if you have a neutral bathroom, you can even use your shower curtain as the starting point for a color scheme. For example if you have a curtain with a lime green and turquoise design, you can use those colors in your bathroom accessories such as towels, blinds and bath rugs.

To save money on quality curtains you can try any of the following :-

1. Buy Shower Curtains on Sale

Department stores with a bathroom department and interior design and bathroom stores usually stock only high end curtains but you should be able to find these at a discount at sale time. These sales occur several times a year in most stores. Look out for them so that you can visit at the right time.

2. Use Designer Outlet Malls

The bigger designer outlet malls are bursting with home decoration items as well as clothes and you should be able to locate what you need at a considerable discount.

3. Be Discerning at Discount Stores

Pick out the better shower curtains from stores such as Walmart. IKEA and discount warehouses and you will find that you have great curtains at a low price. Avoid the cheapest curtains there however as they are not going to improve your bathroom.

4. Make Your own Shower Curtains

It is not easy to make waterproof shower curtains but what you can do is use a cheap inner shower curtain as a liner and then choose any fabric for an outer curtain. That way you can have the designer shower curtain look for very little. As a shower curtain is mainly straight edges, they are not difficult to make at all. Use ready made eyelets at the top, matching the holes and eyelets to those in the shower curtain lining.

5. Buy Online

You will find plenty of great examples you will love on the web at low prices. Here are a selection of shower curtains for sale online all under $20 many with free shipping. If there is nothing here in this small sample to suit your bathroom, then you will find many more low cost shower curtains here.

InterDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain, Gray (Click Image for Details)

InterDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain, Gray (Click Image for Details)


Beautifully effective in a modern white and chrome bathroom, this gray shower curtain with an oriental design will look great in your bathroom. 100-percent water resistant polyester with rust proof metal grommets. Use with a curtain liner for best results. Click here for more information.

Black Shower Curtain with Tulip Design (Click Image for Details)

Black Shower Curtain with Tulip Design (Click Image for Details)


Fantastic for a modern bathroom, this contemporary shower curtain has universal appeal. 100% PEVA anti-mildew vinyl which you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. Click here for further details.



InterDesign EVA Fun Shower Curtain with Ducks. Also available with frogs, fisg, gerbera and goldfish for kids from 3 to 93! Click here for details.


InterDesign EVA Shower Curtain with Ducks (Click Image for Details)

InterDesign EVA Shower Curtain with Ducks (Click Image for Details)

Maytex Sorrento Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain, Burgundy (Click Image for Details)

Maytex Sorrento Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain, Burgundy (Click Image for Details)


Burgundy shower curtain in a traditionla striped design. Use with a liner. Also available in blue stripe. Click here for details.



Incredible value as this whole set costs less than $20 for all three items and includes 12 curtain rings too! Beautiful bright colors to add cheer to your white bathroom. Click here for more details.


Crazy Daisy Retro Shower Curtain and Bathroom Rug Set (Click Image for Details)

Crazy Daisy Retro Shower Curtain and Bathroom Rug Set (Click Image for Details)

Zebra Shower Curtain (Click Image for Details)

Zebra Shower Curtain (Click Image for Details)


Create a zebra bathroom theme with this black and white shower curtain. 100% polyester. You will find details of the curtain here and all the matching accessories you need.


How to Choose Shower Curtains

Would you like to find the best shower curtains for your bathroom but you don’t know where to start? Here’s our easy guide to choosing the best shower curtains.

1. Price

The prices of shower curtains vary a lot depending on the materials chosen – take a look online at the various prices being charged for quality curtains and make your mind up how upmarket you want to go. Cheap shower curtains will probably do the job of keeping water in the bath and off the floor but they won’t do much for your bathroom design.

2. Materials

Shower curtains have to be waterproof in some way to do the practical job they are designed to do and if you want a cheap solution then choose a design you like in a waterproof fabric such as plastic, PVC, Vinyl or Polypropylene PEVA or EVA. If you want something classier for a special bathroom then choose a fabric shower curtain such as linen, hemp, silk or cotton with an additional waterproof liner or inner shower curtain. This increases the costs but gives you a lot more options in the type of look you can achieve. It also means you can replace the liner without changing the whole curtain at a future date.

contemporary shower curtain fabric

contemporary shower curtain fabric
(Image by Elvis Santana)

3. Design

Think about the overall design of your bathroom and choose something on the same theme. If your bathroom is sleek and modern – a shower curtain in plain white or black or black on white might be appropriate. If you favor a fun look (or the bathroom is for kids) choose a shower curtain with a fun design such as ducks or raindrops or cartoon characters (or a million other things you can buy online). If you bathroom is retro, buy a shower curtain in the same theme.

4. Quality

If your curtain has to stand up to daily use be sure to choose a quality product. How do you tell with a shower curtain? Look for

  • high quality (sometimes double) stitching so that the curtain won’t fray at the seams
  • good quality grommets (used to reinforce the holes for the hooks usually made of plastic or metal) – they prevent the curtain tearing as it is pulled open and closed and are the place where the hooks are attached
  • heavy gauge liners (10 gauge or higher) where curtains are in two parts – no point having an expensive shower curtain and a cheap and nasty liner.
  • Liners or curtains with magnets in the hem which prevent the fabric sticking to you when you take a shower.

5. Shower Curtain Rings

Don’t spoil a good shower curtain with cheap shower curtain rings. You can get away with them but great shower curtain rings set off your curtain nicely. As usual in interior design the devil is in the details. Choose rings which blend with the color and thickness of the fabric of your chosen shower curtains and with the rod or rail materials. Match a metal rod with metal rings, and a plastic rod with good quality plastic rings.

How to Buy Shower Curtains Online

When you decide to buy shower curtains online, you are making a very sensible decision. Although you will find shower curtains in local soft furnishings and bathroom stores, discount stores  and department stores there is usual a limited selection available on the shelves.

Once you start browsing online you will be amazed at how many designs are available for every type of d├ęcor – you’ll find novelty shower curtains, kids shower curtains, sophisticated designer shower curtains, plain shower curtains, patterned shower curtains … well, you get the idea.

Also you will find a range of materials available (natural materials such as cotton and hemp as well as waterproof vinyl and PVC or EVA  shower curtains) and they come in every color of the rainbow and many designs so that you can make the right choice for your bathroom.

If you’re not sure about which type of shower curtain to choose then see our section on How to Choose Shower Curtains before going any further and then then follow this guide.

1. Set a Budget

Browse a few sites to get an idea of the selection available and the shower curtain prices in the type of thing you were looking for and  then once you have a measure of the amount that seems reasonable to spend set a budget.

funky striped natural fabric shower curtain

funky striped natural fabric shower curtain

2. Book mark a Short List of Shower Curtains

As you browse bookmark the curtains you like (add them to your favorites)

3. See how they measure up against each other by running them by this check list

  • How does the design and fabric fit in with your idea of a dream bathroom (for your, for your guests, for your kids? Or whoever the bathroom is for)?
  • Are the prices reasonable and within budget? Remember to include sales tax (if any) and delivery charges
  • Are the curtains the right size? Do you need more than one for a circular shower rail? How does this affect your budget?
  • Are the hooks included? If not can the company offer these and how much do they cost?
  • Are the shower curtains easy to clean (washable in the washing machine – some cheaper makes are not) ?
  • Are the items in stock and can the company deliver as quickly as you need?
  • What about returns if you don’t like the product?
  • Is ordering secure – do they have the little padlock shown when you get to the payment page? Most companies are secure these days but you want to be happy!
  • Is the shower curtain a known quality brand? This doesn’t always matter but if you know of the brand then this is great.
  • Does the company have a good reputation for customer service if you have heard of them before?

4. Make Your Decision from the Options You have Bookmarked

Decide on your favorite and order your choice of shower curtains. Then sit back and wait for your goods to arrive!